As a part of setting up the system, we ask that you identify the job performance bands that you use at your company.  For example, employers may use the following five performance bands to define performance:

  1. 1-19 percentile - Poor

  2. 20-39 percentile - Below Expectations

  3. 40-59 percentile - Meet Expectations

  4. 60-79 percentile - Exceed Expectations

  5. 80-99 percentile - Excellent

An employer may also set up the probability threshold bands for Meet Expectations as follows:

  1. 80 or above - Highly Recommended (Two thumbs-up recommendation)

  2. 60 or above - Recommended (A single thumb-up recommendation)

  3. 59 or less - Not recommended (A single thumb-down recommendation)

Therefore, for example, if the probability of a candidate falling in the “Meet Expectations” band is 80 or above, the candidate will receive a two thumbs-up recommendation in our system.

Assuming that you set your performance bands and probability threshold bands as in the above example, we recommend that any candidate receiving a two thumbs-up or a single thumbs-up bec considered further in the recruiting process and any candidates receiving a thumbs-down be dropped from the recruiting process.